[Mailman-Users] Removing moderation flag via the command line

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Tue Dec 23 20:14:27 CET 2008

Joe Auty wrote:

>Mark Sapiro wrote:
>> Mark Sapiro wrote:
>> What is the reason why the post is held? Is it "Post by moderated
>> member" or some other reason?
>"Post to moderated list"
>Does this change the advice you gave me?

No. I was just trying to determine if the script was actually failing
to clear the "moderate" flag. Since the only evidence you gave for its
failure was that posts were still being held, I wanted to be sure that
they were being held because of the "moderate" flag.

>Sorry, I'm a little confused
>sorting out the distinction between moderators, the moderator flag, a
>moderated list, etc. Was my original description of my problem (wanting
>to remove the moderator flag) accurate in terms of the problem I'm
>trying to solve?

Yes, I think so.

>I've been wondering if what I've been actually
>accomplishing in my command is just allowing people the ability to
>moderate other content - approving held messages. Are people that can do
>this moderators, and is the moderator flag used for defining who is a
>moderator, or who can post to a moderated list?

The flag determines whether this person's post will be held for
moderation for this reason. There are other reasons why a post might
be held for moderator approval. For example, "too big", "implicit
destination", "too many recipients", "post from a non-member", etc.,
but if a member's "moderate" flag is set, that person's posts will be
held with reason "Post to moderated list".

The "moderate" flag which is the same as the "mod" check box in the web
admin Membership List is this control, and it has nothing to do with
who is a moderator. List admins and moderators are in fact people who
know the respective passwords. There are lists of addresses for
"owner" and "moderator", but they actually only control who receives
notices and what addresses appear in the "list run by" field at the
bottom of web pages.

>I simply want to accomplish the CLI equivalent of unchecking the "mod"
>checkbox in the membership list within the web interface.

That's what the script is supposed to do. As I said in my prior post, I
don't know why it apparently isn't working. I copied the script out of
your OP (and removed the '> ' from each line) and ran it with the
withlist command in your post changing only the list name and user
address and I could set a user's mod flag with

withlist -l -r du.setMemberModeratedFlag testlist myemailaddress 'x'

and clear it with

withlist -l -r du.setMemberModeratedFlag testlist myemailaddress ''

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