[Mailman-Users] connect to exchange server

Grant Taylor gtaylor at riverviewtech.net
Wed Dec 24 02:56:40 CET 2008

On 12/19/2008 11:42 AM, Jeanne Ilchuk wrote:
> Thanks, Grant.  My email to the mailman list is taking a long time to 
> get through.  Would you mind doing a reply all ?  I'm on vacation and 
> will work on this next week.  Needs to be up and running by the end 
> of the year.

I've CCed you.  I wonder why mail from the mailing list is taking so long.

> The mailing lists will be on the mailman server [solaris].  I was as 
> little contact as possible with the exchange server and the person 
> running it.

Sounds like you will be happier having your mailing lists be in a 
sub-domain of their own rather than having to involve the Exchange admin 
every time you want to add or remove or rename a mailing list.  Thus you 
will need to have a sub-domain routed to you by the Exchange server.

> The microsoft person.


You lucky ... person!  You don't have to administer the Exchange system 
your self.  Good for you.

> version

I /think/ that is Exchange 2007, but I'm not sure.  As such I won't be 
able to offer any insight on how to get Exchange to route a sub-domain 
to your Solaris Mailman server.  So, you and your Exchange admin are on 
your own for that one.

I think I've been running on an assumption here based on the fact that 
you are trying to get things to work with Exchange.  Will your 
(sub)domain for your mailing lists have to pass through Exchange or can 
you have MX records reference your Mailman server directly?  What are 
you doing with the Ecartis MLM that is being replaced?  I would think 
that mail for Mailman would be handled very similarly as Ecartis.

Grant. . . .

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