[Mailman-Users] domain "mail.mydomain.com" at email"myname at domain.com"

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Wed Dec 24 17:11:04 CET 2008

Denny Zulfikar wrote:
>I am new user in this list. I have question that confusing me,
>I setup mailman-2.1.11 by manual from source package.
>My system is a mailserver using postfix virtual. hostname of the server is
>"mail" with domain "domain.com".
>My question are:
>1. I had install the mail server successfully and also can send email to
>other mail server such as yahoo and gmail.
>In the recipient, email sent from my mail server identify as "from :
>username at domain.com". but, why in mailman admin webinterface it listed as
>username at mail.domain.com. ??

Because that's what you configured in Mailman either with the
--with-mailhost configure option or after the fact by setting
DEFAULT_EMAIL_HOST in mm_cfg.py.

>2. I cannot invite any person although in mailman admin web interface the
>user already "successfully invited".

"Successfully invited:" means the invitation was sent to the addresses
listed. Why do you think it's an error?

Here's an example of the report from an attempt to invite 3 addresses,
one of which succeeded.

Successfully invited:

    * mark+test at msapiro.net 

Error inviting:

    * qa#$"@example.com -- Bad/Invalid email address
    * mark+junk at msapiro.net -- Already a member 

If what you mean is you "Successfully invite" someone, but the
invitation is not received, see the FAQ at

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