[Mailman-Users] Global Subscribe

bergenpeak at comcast.net bergenpeak at comcast.net
Sat Dec 27 21:05:36 CET 2008

I've used a varaition to this.  I've got a few 100 lists that are 
logically broken into domains and sub-domains.  A domain might consist 
of dozens of lists and a sub-domain into a handful of lists.  I've got a 
web front end that creates a web page with all the lists one can join-- 
click on the link and a mail message is pre-formated to sub or unsub to 
the list.  Just hit send to sub or unsub to the mail message to 
join/leave the list.  This is easy if one just needs to join one list, 
it's a pain if you need to join all lists in a domain (dozens)

To deal with a folks wanting to join/leave all lists within a domain, 
I've created a number of placeholder entries in /etc/alias.

On the web page, I've create a sub/unsub links for each domain or 
subdomain that points to the placeholder mail address name.  Click on 
the link and a preformated mail message is created to sub or unsub for 
all lists in the doimain and then the user just hits send.

In /etc/alias, I have entries like this:

domain1-request:         "|/path/to/script.pl"

"domain1-request" is one of the placeholder mail addresses on the 
server.  When mail gets delivered to this address it actually gets 
processed by "script.pl".  "script.pl" pulls out the subject, from 
address and then parses the to address.   The "to" addresses use a 
common syntax-- in reality "domain1" refers to a file name on the 
mailman server.  "script.pl" opens the file "domain1" which contains all 
the specific lists associated with this domain.  The script then 
performs an add user or remove user (based on whether the subject is 
subscribe or unsubscribe) for each list enumerated in the "domain1" file. 

The end result to the user is that the click on a single link, and 
instantly get added or removed from all of the lists within that 
domain.  They also get a mail notification from each list they got added 
to or removed from.

[Note that this is a closed server/env so I've disabled the "reply to 
this mail to confirm" as it would mean user action for each of the lists 
within the domain]


Adam McGreggor wrote:
> On Fri, Dec 26, 2008 at 07:17:30AM -0800, Mark Sapiro wrote:
>> Sean Wilkins wrote:
>>> Does mailman have the ability to send one email to globally subscribe to
>>> all lists on the server?
>> No.
> I've used list_lists, awk, a while/do loop and add_members to do something similar.
> Add the email addresses of those to be subscribed to all lists to a file, and
> use that (if you're mad^Wso inclined, a web-form that collects the email
> addy into a database/text file could be used too).
> Doesn't work for newly created lists, but nothing stopping cron running a check 
> or something (or running add_members after creating a new list)

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