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Brad Knowles brad at shub-internet.org
Wed Dec 31 17:12:16 CET 2008

on 12/31/08 12:55 AM, Grant Taylor said:

> I think this is what /should/ be done.  And what I was (poorly) trying 
> to get at.  So, the offer for help with Apache / PHP / DB code is still 
> applicable and still stands.  :)

One trick here is exactly where we put our documentation on this matter. 
  If we do it within the wiki, then most anyone should be able to update 
it on demand, although I'm not sure what additional load this might 
create on the wiki.  We might also want to think twice about such a 
public page being easily editable by anyone that would be used so widely 
within a program like Mailman.

If we try to do this on the main list.org site itself, I believe that 
Barry is the only one with the account and permissions to make these 
kinds of changes, in part because the site is actually owned by someone 
else (maybe John Viega, one of the original authors of Mailman?).

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