[Mailman-Users] help files

Grant Taylor gtaylor at riverviewtech.net
Wed Dec 31 17:16:45 CET 2008

On 12/31/08 10:12, Brad Knowles wrote:
> One trick here is exactly where we put our documentation on this matter. 
>  If we do it within the wiki, then most anyone should be able to update 
> it on demand, although I'm not sure what additional load this might 
> create on the wiki.  We might also want to think twice about such a 
> public page being easily editable by anyone that would be used so widely 
> within a program like Mailman.

I'm betting that the wiki can't do a 302 redirect, which would be 
proper.  I'm sure that something could be done to do an HTML "refresh" 
or a JavaScript "document.location", but neither of those are as nice as 
an HTTP 302 redirect.  The 302 redirect operates at a much lower layer 
and is much easier on systems because clients don't have to process the 
downloaded page.  It uses less bandwidth too.

> If we try to do this on the main list.org site itself, I believe that 
> Barry is the only one with the account and permissions to make these 
> kinds of changes, in part because the site is actually owned by someone 
> else (maybe John Viega, one of the original authors of Mailman?).


I got to thinking.  I chose Apache / PHP because that's what I know 
best.  But there is no reason (that I know of) that would prevent the 
same thing from being written in Python, or any other dynamic language 
for that matter.

Grant. . . .

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