[Mailman-Users] yet another message filtering question

Alex arogozin at comcast.net
Wed Dec 31 05:03:39 CET 2008

This was a two part question and Marc, thank you very much, second part was 
answered and it works great!
Now to the first part - the key word was 'all' - is there a wildcard for 
<content filtering> - <Remove message attachments that have a matching 
filename extension> field that will cover all and any attachment filename 
Or what would be the best way to remove all attachments in Mailman without 
installing any more software - i'm surprised i got this far as it is and 
don't want to push my luck.

Regards and happy holidays to all!

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> Alex wrote:
>>What would be the best way (if there is one) in Mailman to remove all
>>attachments before maximum message size value sends the message to 
>>for approval?.
>>I have read archives about demime and stripmime but perl and other scripts
>>make me nervous - i am not very good at this stuff and don't even know 
>>to begin.
> The issue you see arises because the Hold handler which enforces the
> maximum message size comed earlier in the handler pipeline than the
> MimeDel handler which does content filtering.
> What I do for my production site is add the following lines to mm_cfg.py
> #
> # Put MimeDel ahead of Hold so "too big" is based on content filtered
> # message.
> #
> GLOBAL_PIPELINE.remove('MimeDel')
> GLOBAL_PIPELINE.insert(GLOBAL_PIPELINE.index('Hold'), 'MimeDel')
> (Only the last two are required. The first 4 are documentation of
> what's being done).
> The result of this is the message is not held if content filtering
> reduces its size below the max. Also, any messages held for
> 'miscellaneous' reasons have already been content filtered, but
> messages held for 'membership' reasons (non-member or moderated
> member) will be content filtered after approval.
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