[Mailman-Users] Signing up for a list

AD-ML mlmn at apcilog.org
Sun Feb 10 07:32:27 CET 2008

such as SUBSCRIBE  in the main body of the mail or on a web page? 

I suspect [?subject=subscribe] is case-sensitive

<A href="mailto:MAILINGLIST-REQUEST at DOMAIN.COM?subject=subscribe">SUBSCRIBE</A>

Can this type of link be included in a footer efficiently?

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  On Feb 8, 2008 10:54 AM, Jeff McCauley <email.mccauley at gmail.com> wrote:
  > Is there a way to send a link out for individuals to use to sign up for a
  > list.  In other words, in a different email (or on a web site) can I have a
  > link they can click that will allow them to be added to the mailing list?

  Such as a mailto:MAILINGLIST-subscribe at DOMAIN.COM?

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