[Mailman-Users] Signing up for a list

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Sun Feb 10 17:29:54 CET 2008

AD-ML wrote:
>I suspect [?subject=subscribe] is case-sensitive

Only if the MUA that processes the mailto cares about the case of
'subject',and not all MUAs will even recognize the subject= fragment
at all, but this is moot anyway - see below.

><A href="mailto:MAILINGLIST-REQUEST at DOMAIN.COM?subject=subscribe">SUBSCRIBE</A>
>Can this type of link be included in a footer efficiently?

You can't put HTML tags in msg_footer or digest_footer because these
are placed in text/plain parts of the message, so what the user sees
is literally what you put above. It is much better to just put
something like:

Subscribe: <mailto:%(list_name)s-subscribe@%(host_name)s>

which many MUAs will render as a clickable link anyway. Note that if
you mail to the -subscribe (or -join) address rather than the -request
address, the subject doesn't matter.

Also note that the utility of putting a 'subscribe' link in mail that
presumably is sent only to people who are already subscribers is

Finally note that subscribe and unsubscribe links are already included
in the RFC-2369 (List-*) headers of list messages unless you turn them

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