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Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Wed Jan 2 21:43:00 CET 2008

Brad Knowles wrote:

>On 12/28/07, Cyndi Norwitz wrote:
>>  At the very least, something that tells me how many lines are in the email
>>  would be great.  On the summary page it says the number of bytes.  But that
>>  doesn't help that much because it depends on the density of the lines (and
>>  it's hard to remember what bytes mean in terms of post length).  Plus that
>>  information is not on the detail page!  I have to go back and forth to see
>>  it.
>In terms of what would be easy to do, I think the simplest would be 
>to increase the number of message body lines that you can see. 
>Towards this end, in the file Mailman/Cgi/admindb.py you find the 
>definition "EXCERPT_HEIGHT = 10".  If you (or your ISP) sets this to 
>a higher number (like 100), then stops and restarts Mailman, then in 
>all future instances you should see 100 lines of message body in your 
>Anything more than that would take source code modifications, I'm afraid.
>Unfortunately, this value does not appear to be something that is 
>defined in Mailman/Defaults.py or which could be over-ridden in 
>Mailman/mm_cfg.py.  Moreover, this is going to affect all lists on 
>the server.

Actually, EXCERPT_HEIGHT is not the controlling parameter.
EXCERPT_HEIGHT controls only the height of the text box, not the
number of lines shown (by scrolling).

The controlling parameter is ADMINDB_PAGE_TEXT_LIMIT which is a
Defaults.py/mm_cfg.py setting. It is in bytes and defaults to 4096,
but it can be set to a negative value to display the entire message.


in mm_cfg.py.

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