[Mailman-Users] List of Mailing Lists

Didier Trosset didier_trosset at agilent.com
Thu Jan 3 11:37:23 CET 2008


I am having a problem in the page that shows the list of publicly available 
lists: mailman/listinfo.

It does not show the 9 lists that exists. All 9 are working correctly, and 
are marked as public.

   It shows either 8 of them, or the last 1 that I created.

It changes between showing 8 and showing 1 when I change the configuration 
in the lists. If I change something in one of the 8, the next page update of 
mailman/listinfo will show the 8. If I change something in the latest list, 
the next page update of mailman/listinfo show only this latest list. And the 
mailman/admin page behaves the same.

One big change occurs before I created the last one: I changed the 
domainname (the hostname remains the same) of the system.

I launched full searchs on the mailman lists directory, trying to guess some 
difference in the configuration, but didn't notice anything. The *.pck files 
didn't show anything related to the domainname.

What can I do now for the mailman/listinfo page to always show my 9 lists?


Didier Trosset-Moreau
Acqiris Operations
Agilent Technologies
Geneva, Switzerland

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