[Mailman-Users] Is there an easy way to discard all messageswaiting to be reviewed

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Fri Jan 4 12:38:54 CET 2008

You can also set the automatic discard to delete held messages after a
certain number of days. 

General Options --- scroll way down to the bottom --- "Discard held messages
older than this number of days. Use 0 for no automatic discarding."

I set most of my lists to 4 days, which is the longest I would ever go
without checking e-mail. That means when I get the moderator requests by
e-mail, I glance at the notices to make sure the messages are spam, then go
on with my work instead of having to log in to the list and moderate the
message. After the 4 days, Mailman lets you know "1 old request(s)
automatically expired." 

Works like a charm.

Gretchen Ohmann
Ladyweave Web Design

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I have a list where non members can post but their messages are moderated, I
ave to deal with a lot of spam. After sometime, just a small percentage of
them will be good posts. 

Is there an easy way to discard all messages waiting to be reviewed?

I don't have any option in my admin to select more than one message?

Vinita Aggarwal

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