[Mailman-Users] Question on cron.in and the init.d scripts in rpm file

Stephen J. Turnbull stephen at xemacs.org
Fri Jan 4 21:21:51 CET 2008

steve writes:

 > Ok, I found that if placed in /etc/cron.d the file is intended as a
 > crontab which has the userfield as part of the command.. so the
 > default crontab.in file is correct for that usage - but doesn't this
 > mean the documentation is INCORRECT to tell you to directly install
 > that file into the mailman's crontab using   crontab -u mailman
 > filename   ?

No.  Mailman documentation refers to the distributed crontab which is
in the usual user crontab format (no set-user field).  It would work
correctly as the mailman user's crontab.

 > steve <flynnibus at yahoo.com> wrote: Hello all, setting up mailman on
 > linux 2.6.9 where mailman was installed I believe by a rpm file.

Almost certainly (based on past reports of this kind), something is
messed up in your Linux installation.  You could try to track it down
yourself -- a common cause is installing an RPM intended for a
different distribution, which isn't the distro's fault.  It could be
that the distro is broken, and may have even issued a bugfix upgrade.

Very likely this difference from the Mailman distribution is
documented somewhere in the distro's docs.  On Debian, try

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