[Mailman-Users] Include Mailman into my website...

Bernd schlaber at gmail.com
Sun Jan 6 12:25:47 CET 2008


I would like to use Mailman for sending newsletter to all subscribed
users from my website. The users should not realise that the newsletter
is part of a mailing list, because they should subscribe and unsubscribe
through my website. 
I configured mailman that it doesn't send welcome messages or password
reminder and all this stuff.
A friend of mine use Mailman in the same way. But his website and
Mailman installation are hosted on the same root server. I am customer
from webfaction.com. My website and the Mailman-installation are hosted
on different servers.

My friend use command line scripts
(http://www.gnu.org/software/mailman/site.html) to subscribe/unsubscribe
the users through his website to Mailman.
I am not able to use this scripts and had to use the email interface

But here is the problem. The email interface doesn't take care of the
senders address. If I use the email interface with the administrative
e-mail address (this e-mail address is used to log-in into the mailing
list administration) the behavior is the same as if I use it with an
normal user e-mail address.

But I would like to subscribe an user without "subscribe_policy". If the
list-manager send an subscription the user should be subscribed
immediately without confirm/approve - option.

Is it possible to make the listname-request at domain.com logic only
available for the list-manager?

What's the purpose of the list-manager e-mail address except for log-in?


By the way, www.webfaction.com isn't listed on 

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