[Mailman-Users] bots subscribing to lists via web forms to avoidmember-only restrictions

Jeffrey Goldberg jeffrey at goldmark.org
Mon Jan 7 03:01:51 CET 2008

On Jan 6, 2008, at 7:01 PM, Stephen J. Turnbull wrote:

> Jeffrey Goldberg writes:
>>  [...] it is worth considering captchas.
> Captchas have been discussed, and were not considered worthwhile.

[snip of explanation of the lack of effectiveness and annoyance of  

Thank you.  I've always disliked the things.  Now I know that there is  
actually good reason to.

I suspect that with a Confirm subscription policy (which is the  
minimum anyone should run) there really isn't too much to worry about  
in that we can always end up requiring approval for subscriptions (or  
moderate) associated with domains that show a history of allowing  
spammers to send subscription requests.



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