[Mailman-Users] Posts not showing in archives

Barry Finkel b19141 at britaine.ctd.anl.gov
Tue Jan 8 20:01:31 CET 2008

Anne Ramey wrote:
>>>I have a list that had 2 recent posts that are not showing up in the
>>>archives.  They are in the post log as successful posts, but don't show
>>>in the archive.  Any idea how that could happen?  The archiving
>>>settings are to rotate monthly, privacy set to private.

And Mark Sapiro replied:
>>Is ArchRunner running? Are the messages still in the archive queue?
>>Is only this one list affected? Is there anything in Mailman's 'error'

>And Anne Ramey replied:
>Archrunner is running, other lists archived in that timeframe fine.
>There is nothing in the error log.  The messages are listed as
>successful posts and were delivered successfully.  There doesn't appear
>to be anything waiting in the archive queue.  It is also just the
>messages on the 3rd and 5th that didn't get in the archive.  The
>message on the 7th (yesterday) is there.

Do the missing messages have the same message-id as a message already
in the archives?  I had an archive question in December, and Mark's
reply was that a message will not be archived if its message-id
already appears in the archive, as the second message is a duplicate
of the first.  (RFC 2822 says that the message-id must be unique.)
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