[Mailman-Users] Moderation Bit Problem

Kathy Gee kathyg at anitaborg.org
Thu Jan 10 02:22:18 CET 2008

Help, someone?


When the moderation bit for a member is turned on, that member gets an
error message when trying to post a message.  The error message says
"Your message could not be processed because of an internal error
(software problem).  We are very sorry.  The system administrator has
been notified of the problem."  I'm sure this message is pretty generic
therefore not much help.  The message is no where to be found in any log
that I can see and it never gets to the "tend to pending moderator
requests" mode.


Anyway, this happened after our system got upgraded from Fedora Core 3
to 7.  The Mailman version is 2.1.4.  Is there something I may have
missed in the upgrade that would cause Mailman's moderation bit to act
up?  I've only been introduced to Mailman as the administrator since
July last year.  So, bear with me my ignorance on this subject.






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