[Mailman-Users] Mail Processing Problem?

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Thu Jan 10 20:38:08 CET 2008

Dennis Putnam wrote:
>I'll give that a try. In the mean time maybe it is not what I thought
>based on your explanation. The specific error from my ISP complains
>about a missing DNS entry for RCPT TO. How do I set mailman to place
>the correct RCPT TO information in the headers for my SMTP server. I
>tried setting:
>REPLY_TO_ADDRESS = '<acceptable host/domain>'
>It seems that is not what it is using for the RCPT TO.

RCPT TO is the SMTP command for specifying the recipient(s) of the
message. These will be the addresses of the list members or the
owner/moderator or other recipient of a Mailman generated notice.

I do not thing that is what the ISP's MTA is complaining about. I thing
it returns whatever reject status it is returning in response to a
RCPT TO command, but that doesn't mean it is complaining about the
recipient address.

I believe what it doesn't like is the MAIL FROM address - i.e. the
listname-bounces at host_name address. Is your list's host_name in DNS?

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