[Mailman-Users] Mail Processing Problem?

Dennis Putnam dap1 at bellsouth.net
Thu Jan 10 23:11:29 CET 2008

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Thanks for the reply.

No. I do not have a static IP or a registered domain, which is why all
mail from this server has to go through my ISP's server. However,
non-mailman mail is sent just fine. If it is indeed the "MAIL FROM"
then why would my changes in mm_cfg.py, not have fixed it? On the
other hand, why would it complain about 'RCPT TO' rather then 'MAIL

At 02:38 PM 1/10/2008, you wrote:

RCPT TO is the SMTP command for specifying the recipient(s) of the
message. These will be the addresses of the list members or the
owner/moderator or other recipient of a Mailman generated notice.

I do not thing that is what the ISP's MTA is complaining about. I
it returns whatever reject status it is returning in response to a
RCPT TO command, but that doesn't mean it is complaining about the
recipient address.

I believe what it doesn't like is the MAIL FROM address - i.e. the
listname-bounces at host_name address. Is your list's host_name in DNS?

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