[Mailman-Users] deny members posts

Stephen J. Turnbull stephen at xemacs.org
Fri Jan 11 22:56:49 CET 2008

Mark Sapiro writes:
 > Brad Knowles wrote:
 > >On 1/11/08, Egidijus Serplis wrote:
 > >
 > >>  Maybe anyone can explain to me how to configure mailman, that list members
 > >>  can't post to this list. And enable non-members post to this list. In other
 > >>  words - i want members of list only get messages, but not post. Thanks for
 > >>  answers. I'm using mailman 2.1.8-0.FC4.1
 > >
 > >Search the FAQ Wizard for "announce".
 > This will cover the 'members can't post' side.
 > For the non-members can post side, set generic_nonmember_action to
 > Accept.

He probably also wants to filter the nonmembers who can post, though!

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