[Mailman-Users] Mail Processing Problem?

Brad Knowles brad at shub-internet.org
Sun Jan 13 05:24:09 CET 2008

On 1/12/08, Dennis Putnam wrote:

>>  Certainly, the name dap002.bellsouth.net does not exist in the DNS.
>>  If this is what your system is trying to use to identify itself to
>>  the outside world, that would be a problem.
>  Only mailman is trying to use that name.

Not true.  Check your own syslog files.  They very clearly say 
"dap002" in the hostname field.  Syslog and perhaps other processes 
are somehow picking up that value from somewhere.  You should find 
out where.

>>  I suspect that the problem you're having may be a hostname or MTA
>>  misconfiguration issue, which Mailman is not involved in, and which
>>  cannot be fixed within Mailman.
>  If that we the case, why is it only mailman sending mail that is
>  effected? As I demonstrated, when using the 'mail' command, everything
>  is fine.

You could trace the entire SMTP dialog process and see what input is 
actually being generated.  With postfix, you could increase the 
debugging level, or you could use alternative programs (like tcpdump 
or WireShark) to sniff the traffic at the network layer.  I'd suggest 
doing both.

Without hard evidence one way or the other, it's difficult to tell.

>  There is no MTA setting that would effect mailman and nothing else
>  that I can find? Any suggestions?

Within the MTA configuration, there should not be anything that would 
affect only Mailman.  It should affect everything that passes through 
the machine, but for example if Mailman is using unqualified host 
names for outgoing mail, then the MTA may be configured to try to fix 
that, and in the process of "fixing" that, other problems might be 

This is why you need to know exactly what is being sent "on the wire" 
between Mailman and the MTA, and what the MTA is doing internally 
with what it is getting from Mailman.

>  Keep in mind this was a working system that started giving me trouble
>  after a restore.

It's entirely possible that the restore process may have missed some 
configuration file or some configuration option somewhere.  Without 
more information, it's going to be impossible to tell.

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