[Mailman-Users] multiple hosts mounting mailman nfs

Dennis Black dblack at ualberta.ca
Mon Jan 14 15:40:28 CET 2008

Troy Knabe wrote:
>> Troy Knabe wrote:
>>> I have two smtp servers that we use dns round robin for load
>>> balancing.  I can run it one server at a time, but I am running into
>>> some pid lock file issues when I try to run them simultaneously.
>>> Any suggestions?
>>> Thanks
>>> -Troy
>> Troy,
>> My configuration:
>> A carp machine answers "mailman.srv.ualberta.ca" and alternates  
>> inbound
>> messages
>> to two machines behind the carp machine, "mailman1" and "mailman2",
>> NFS-mounted to a third machine, "mailmandb".
>> Is it necessary to add the crontab to both servers?  It seems that on  
>> the secondary server (the one I didn't actually run "configure" on)  
>> messages are stuck in the mailq until I restart mailman.
>> -Troy
Troy, if you mean the crontab for checkdbs, disabled, senddigests, 
mailpasswds, gate_news, etc., in my case I have the
NFS Mailman (third) machine do those.

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