[Mailman-Users] Cannot Post to My Mailing List

Liss liss at budget101.com
Tue Jan 15 19:17:51 CET 2008

 I checked the archives- but I was not able to locate a solution, so, I'm
picking your brains. . . 
My Webserver company offers the mailing list feature (pre-installed on the
server). I have set up 3 mailing lists.
1- for announcements only
1 - for daily posts
1- as a test because I cant get any of them to post.
When I add new subscribers- they add in fine. They receive the email for new
user like they are supposed to.
When I remove someone- that feature also works fine.
But when I send a message to the list, from the admin, mod's ,etc `~ no
matter WHAT I try I absolutely cannot get the msg to go through the list.
Nothing shows up in the archives. I don't receive any bounce error msgs,
Nothing. They just.. Vanish. 
 I am able to login to the admin panel of the list, I haven't lost any
passwords (that I know of), but I just cant seem to post.
Here's the list of my lists (lol)
TIA for any help or solutions,

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