[Mailman-Users] Sender shows up as (list)-bounces rather than (list) for some users

Alan Sill Alan.Sill at ttu.edu
Wed Jan 16 00:03:10 CET 2008

Some e-mail programs apparently report the sender as in the Sender:  
field rather than the From: field in hte headers of the e-mail  
messages sent via my mailman e-mail lists.  As a result, when these  
users send, or perhaps reply, to messages, they go to the (list)- 
bounces@(server) address rather than to (list)@(server) as I would wish.

Is this controllable, or can I give the users an instruction on how  
to set their e-mail clients so this does not happen?  Other than just  
telling them and having to repeat the instruction when this happens,  
that is...


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