[Mailman-Users] List regularly displays junk

Ivan Van Laningham ivanlan at pauahtun.org
Thu Jan 17 16:32:43 CET 2008

Hi All--
This is for a list I don't run, but am a member of.

Regularly, people post documents in some other encoding, and they get 
posted to the list as garbage.  Message source shows:

 >  Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit
 >  X-MIME-Autoconverted: from base64 to 8bit by chak-chak.pauahtun.net 
id m0HF0UZX032101
 >  Status:  O

I don't think these are HTML messages that people are posting, just 
differently encoded (it's an international list).

I'd like to give the list-owners some advice (and I do think they'll be 
amenable, providing it's good advice;-) ).  So what are the best 
settings to tell them to use?

Ivan Van Laningham
God N Locomotive Works
Army Signal Corps:  Cu Chi, Class of '70
Author:  Teach Yourself Python in 24 Hours

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