[Mailman-Users] Same list name, different domains...

Sean Butler sean at 2sparrows.org
Thu Jan 17 23:22:33 CET 2008

On Jan 17, 2008, at 5:03 PM, Mark Sapiro wrote:

> Sean Butler wrote:
>> My question now is, that when I run genaliases, it changes the  
>> virtual
>> mailman file back to hrca_board@ instead of just board@, so does that
>> mean every time I need to run genaliases, I'm going to have to  
>> manually
>> make this change?
> Yes.
> But why do you want to run genaliases?  Normally this is only required
> to sync your aliases and virtual-mailman files after perhaps making
> configuration changes of some kind. Normal list creation and deletion
> should just update the affected entries in these files, and will not
> change the board at hrca.org entries back to hrca_board.

Ah, ok... Then I should be ok.


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