[Mailman-Users] Postfix->Mailman->Exchange - Where are my NDR's?

Brad Knowles brad at shub-internet.org
Sat Jan 19 03:14:11 CET 2008

On 1/18/08, Lamaster, Robert wrote:

>  OK, after further research (I finally found a good source), I see that
>  Mailman discards bounce (NDR) messages (whether or not you turn on it's
>  bounce processing feature).

Mailman will discard them, if you turn off the bounce processing 
feature.  Otherwise, it will process them.

By default, Mailman should forward to you a copy of all bounces it 
gets that it does not understand.  So, it should only be processing 
those bounces which it does understand.  In theory, you shouldn't 
have anything to worry about, at least as far as Mailman properly 
processing the bounces.

>  Is there any way I can temporarily intercept these for troubleshooting?
>  I'd just like to see some of the NDRs.

It's all in your aliases.  Just change your aliases for the 
appropriate "-bounces" address to go somewhere else, so that you can 
see everything.

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