[Mailman-Users] translate strings, not whole templates

jidanni at jidanni.org jidanni at jidanni.org
Sun Jan 20 07:07:30 CET 2008

BW> If you're interesting in helping out with this effort, please join
BW> mailman-developers.
Unfortunately all the development I can do (on Dreamhost) is pasting
into the edithtml.cgi window, and no matter how much I do I still
can't remove imbalanced tags from parts of mailman I have no access
to. So all I can say is is it is not good to have 13 buttons on one
language's template, and 24 on another, and it is not good to send
forth electric blender output style HTML tags options which don't
match Wilbur or other known versions. I mean maybe a script kiddie
will take advantage of the highly invalid HTML you fellows are pumping
into the world. So my contribution for 2008 is: "remember to validate".

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