[Mailman-Users] Specify URL's in confirmation e-mail?

Jon Slater jon.slater at mesanetworks.net
Wed Jan 23 06:29:46 CET 2008



I run multiple virtual domains from my server.  For example:
firstdomain.com   seconddomain.org   thirddomain.com


But my server's 'real' name is:   myserver.com


So, of course, in my mm_cfg.py I have:


DEFAULT_URL_HOST = "www.myserver.com"

DEFAULT_EMAIL_HOST = "myserver.com"


When someone signs-up for "members at firstdomain.com", or
"board at seconddomain.org" the confirmation e-mail says (paraphrased):

     To confirm, simply reply to this message w/ subject intact, or visit
this webpage: 



First, I get it...  I understand where the "www.myserver.com" is coming
from.  But is there a way, when someone signs-up for a firstdomain.com
mailing list, that the e-mail say


All of my domains 'work'.  That is, I can access mailman web pages using any
of my domain names, and if I cut-n-paste the URL above and replace the
'myserver.com' with 'firstdomain.com' (or 'seconddomain.org'), the
registration still confirms.



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