[Mailman-Users] (OT) Newbie with recurring frustrations!

Brandon Sussman Brandon at WRWeb.net
Wed Jan 23 15:52:54 CET 2008

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Joyce Dowling wrote:

I sympathize.  The variations are endless.  I had to find a new one just
because my most favorite doesn't use Mailman and I needed it for a
couple of clients.

| We just purchased this service in Nov. I don't know how I'd get my
| There are so many services out there; how can one tell if a
| hosting provider is a good one?

Personal referral from folks who are doing what you want to do is fairly
reliable - as a person involved with IT things, cultivate a network of
people who have like interests, needs and abilities.

| I did get recommendations on this one and there were good reviews.

I have found that one has to go a level deeper into reviews than seems
needed.  The highest rated lists never seem to include my favorites :)

Were the recommendations specific regarding Mailman support?

| I had other sites on this server, too, and
| only recently am I experiencing this kind of problem. I know I need to
| move, though, because they answered my ticket saying it was fixed again
| this evening and my test messages from 45 mins. ago haven't come through
| yet. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

I have had good luck so far with Dreamhost's Mailman support - they have
some folks who seem to care and know Mailman fairly well.

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