[Mailman-Users] Specify URL's in confirmation e-mail?

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Wed Jan 23 22:14:49 CET 2008

Jon Slater wrote:
> DEFAULT_URL_HOST = "www.myserver.com"
> DEFAULT_EMAIL_HOST = "myserver.com"

You also want


if you don't have it and then

add_virtulahost('www.firstdomain.con', 'firstdomain.com')
add_virtulahost('www.seconddomain.con', 'seconddomain.com')

Then restart mailman, and finally run fix_url to fix your lists. E.g.

cd ~mailman
bin/withlist -l -r fix_url members -u firstdomain.com
bin/withlist -l -r fix_url board -u seconddomain.com

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