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Allan Hansen hansen at rc.org
Fri Jan 25 00:31:48 CET 2008

I agree, and it's not harsh enough.

My first reaction to this was Oh-My-God.

My second reaction was to think that we needed an agreement among Mailman list users that Mailman not be used for spam. Then I realized that that would only inconvenience legit Mailman users and spammers would not care to lie, just as they don't care about how grievously they inconvenience and lie to everyone on their 1,000,000 long subscriber lists.

So I suppose that the best response is to simply ignore requests such as this which so obviously is from a spammer.


At 10:34 AM +0100 1/24/08, Zbigniew Szalbot wrote:
>2008/1/24, Khalil Abbas <khillo100 at hotmail.com>:
>> Hello mailman guys..
>> ok, I have a dedicated server .. and I use mailman to send a daily newsletter.. I recenly got a list of 1,000,000 email addresses that I want to use to promote my website and mailing list .. can I create another mailman installation and add these addresses to it and use it to send an invitation to visit my website and join my mailing list without the risk of getting blocked by hotmail or yahoo or others because these emails I bought will have many faulty ones and will generate excessive bounces..
>> is mailman programmed in a way to avoid getting blocked by hotmail and others?? or do u think it's better to buy another server and use it for promotion?
>I may sound harsh but you cannot just get a list of 1,000,000 just
>like that. I do not think Mailman creators wanted their product to be
>used as a tool for spammers. Unless, these people have volunteered to
>be sent offers.
>I am not suggesting any solution because I am very much against such practices.
>Zbigniew Szalbot

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