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Sat Jan 26 05:53:35 CET 2008


<<Now this is the most logical and reasonale answer I've ever got .. this is what I call: a reply from a professional.. she's right, I have no idea that this is spamming.. all I know about spamming is those who send you repeatedly every once in a while, and all I wanna do is send a simple invite and that's all.. if this is spamming, then screw it .. I'm no programmer and no whiz.. somebody gave me this huge list of emails for money and said it will make people more aware of my site if I used it to invite them ..>>

While I most POSITIVILY agree with everything everybody has said regarding your org. post and that Cyndi has had one of the better, I would like to add my .02.

If the end result that you are trying to achieve, then in MHO you need to spend a TON of time doing so.

Thake the million # List and break it into 1000 member Lists and START from there.  Yep, gonna mean that you will have to reveiw EACH member of EACH 1000 person List.

IF YOU ARE WILLING TO DO SO, IMHO you would not be a "spammer".

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