[Mailman-Users] Having the Web interface show the same lists with or without the "www." prefix

Paul Kleeberg paul at fpen.org
Sat Jan 26 18:42:29 CET 2008

Here is my question:  Is there anything I can do so that the mailman  
web interface will show the same lists whether or not  the "www."  
prefix appears?

Background:  Migrated and upgraded a from MacOSX Server 10.4 to 10.5  
which included an upgrade of Mailman to 2.1.9.  Everything functioned  
well.  I have 2 virtual domains and the lists on the two domains have  
remained distinct and functioning.  Mailman's web interface responded  
to www.domain1.com and domain1.com with one set of mailing lists and www.domain2.com 
  and domain2.com as the other site.  Now that I have upgraded to  
Apache 2.2. it appears that it the 2 web pages with the lists will  
only respond to the web pages if the "www." is not included.  Is there  
anything I can do so that the web interface for each sets of lists  
will work with or without the "www." prefix?
Paul Kleeberg
paul at fpen.org

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