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Brad Knowles brad at shub-internet.org
Sun Jan 27 00:03:07 CET 2008

On 1/25/08, JB at comcast wrote:

>  Thake the million # List and break it into 1000 member Lists and START
>  from there.  Yep, gonna mean that you will have to reveiw EACH member
>  of EACH 1000 person List.

But you can't really do that, either.  One key difference between 
spam and a proper mailing list is that you have hard confirmation 
from the recipient that they asked to get the particular content in 

In other words, they signed themselves up for a list, they got a 
confirmation notice, and they then acted on the confirmation notice 
to say "yes, I really do want this content".

Any time you buy a large list of addresses from somewhere, you bypass 
the first steps of that process, and that would make you a spammer. 
Even if you just send out invitations to those people to join your 
list, and you don't send anything else to them without their explicit 
confirmation, you're still a spammer.

The Direct Marketing Association says that they just want one bite of 
your apple, no more.  But when you've got a billion people taking 
just one bite each out of your apple, do you honestly think you're 
going to have an apple left?

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