[Mailman-Users] Customizing by adding fields to Listinfo page

Brad Knowles brad at shub-internet.org
Sun Jan 27 00:09:35 CET 2008

On 1/26/08, Kathy Gee wrote:

>  Can I customize the Listinfo page by adding one or two fields to prompt
>  for more information from a subscriber?

Not easily, no.  There's no place to store that information, even if 
you could ask for it.

>                                           If yes, what python script(s)
>  do I need to also modify to make this work so the web admin interface
>  can display the information entered for these new fields when the form
>  is submitted?

This question is probably better asked on the mailman-developers 
list.  However, before posting there, I would encourage you to check 
their archives, because I'm sure that this has come up hundreds or 
thousands of times before.

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