[Mailman-Users] Efficient handling of cross-posting

Mikhail T. mi+mailman at aldan.algebra.com
Mon Jan 28 22:40:37 CET 2008

понеділок 28 січень 2008 02:15 по, Brad Knowles Ви написали:
> The elimination of duplicates being sent to individuals is something
> that might be implemented in a future version of Mailman, but that
> would require that each list have complete knowledge of who all the
> overlapping subscribers are for all the other lists that are known
> recipients of the message.

Yes, of course. But a single mailman installation hosting multiple mailing 
lists already has the complete knowledge, does not it?

> And that would still break down if the sender created one message and sent
> it to one list, then took the same message and sent it separately to another
> list, etc.... 

Yes, absolutely -- the only key is Message-Id. Even if a hash of the message 
body /could/ be used as the key, I think, a different Message-Id means, the 
message should be sent again.

> although future versions of Mailman will allow people the option of
> registering multiple different e-mail addresses that are all associated with
> the same identity, so if they choose to make use of that function, you
> would at least have a better chance.

I think, this function is already here. When I first sent message to this 
list, it bounced, because I was not a subscriber. The bounce suggested, that 
I subscribe ALL of my addresses and mark some of them as "NOMAIL". This would 
seem to indicate, that multiple addresses-per-person feature is already 

> OTOH, I'm not sure that this is something that should ever be the
> responsibility of the mailing list software.  The complete
> suppression of duplicates is something that can only be done
> conclusively by the receiver, and not the sender.

This is true. But if /most/ duplicates are eliminated by this, then the 
remaining /few/ may be acceptable to allow cross-posting to relevant mailing 

> As for the rest, the message was sent to multiple lists, and
> therefore it should definitely show up in multiple archives.  I don't
> think that you're going to find any way around that one.

AFAIU, the message will appear in the search results multiple times -- once 
per mailing list. That is not justified -- the results should contain no 



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