[Mailman-Users] Efficient handling of cross-posting

Mikhail Teterin mi+mailman at aldan.algebra.com
Mon Jan 28 23:26:32 CET 2008

понеділок 28 січень 2008 05:16 по, Mark Sapiro Ви написали:
> > AFAIU, the message will appear in the search results multiple times --
> > once per mailing list. That is not justified -- the results should
> > contain no repetitions...
> For as many people who feel as you do, I'll wager that there are many
> more who feel it is absolutely wrong to not archive a post to lista in
> lista's archive just because it also was possibly archived in listb's
> archive.

Well, depending on the archival method, a message can appear in both, with
only a single copy of it being stored. This can be achived, for example,
using symbolic (or even hard) links. Similarly, if a relational database is
employed, the same message can be referred to from multiple places.

Hardlinks, for example, is how one IMAP-server (cyrus, I believe) stores
messages sent to multiple recipients.

But I was referring to search-results only. Regardless of how the messages
are stored, if I type the search string and select several of the mailing
list archives to search through, the same message may appear in my search
results more than once. That duplication should not happen -- I don't think,
anyone would disagree.



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