[Mailman-Users] korean error

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Tue Jan 29 00:26:03 CET 2008

Rod at freeserve wrote:
>I had this problem with RHEL 5, Python 2.4.3 and Mailman 2.1.9.
>If you don't need Korean support, here is a workround.
>Remove or comment out two lines in misc/paths.py.in before running configure..
>First comment out
>        import korean
>Then comment out
>        import korean.aliases
>- otherwise you will get the same error for this file as well.
>I did not need support for Korean language and/or character set.
>Mailman configure and make install worked fine after that, and the installed system
>appears to be OK.
>I assume that the pre-installed Python on my system did not have Korean language support
>installed. It would have been difficult for me to fix the Python libraries - it was easy
>to remove Korean support from Mailman.

This is not the reason for this. Mailman 2.1.x itself installs its own
version of the python email libraty and the Japanese and Korean Codecs
in Mailman's pythonlib directory.

The problem is that sometimes the installation of the Korean Codecs
fails. This has been discussed several times on mailman-users. See the
thread starting at
for one such discussion.

I think, but am not certain that the issue is that the Korean Codecs
are installed via Python's distutils package, and various things can
go wrong here. There is an issue with some RedHat releases missing
some of distutils if python-devel is not installed. configure has been
updated for 2.1.10 to try to catch this.

Another problem is that the setup for the Korean Codecs insists on
using 'cc' even if configure is using 'gcc' so you need a working 'cc'
command or a symlink from 'cc' to 'gcc'.

There is also the issue mentioned in another reply that Debian/Ubuntu
erroneously removes Mailman's pythonlib.

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