[Mailman-Users] really dumb question on getting started; extracting archive

Steve Lindemann steve at marmot.org
Tue Jan 29 17:17:54 CET 2008

Holmes, Deb wrote:
> How do you unzip the .tar and .gz files prior to install?   For most
> applications that I'm running on my unix based web server, my process is to
> unzip on my Windows XP box prior to uploading to the web server.  I know
> basically nothing about unix except how to post files and write simple .cgi
> code. I'm wanting to install mailman in conjunction with a WordPress plug-in
> and am pretty much expecting that between WordPress and the WP mailman plug
> in I won't need to know very much about the unix stuff underneath.  But the
> archive format has me stumped before I even get out the gate.  

don't mess with the windoze system... just put the file in the directory 
on your *nix system that you want it unpacked in and:

$ tar -xf <filename>.tar

$ gunzip <filename>.gz

and for zipped tarballs (which I use a far bit):

$ tar -xzf <filename>.tar.gz

the man pages for tar and gunzip will explain all the switches, and 
there are a bunch, but you only need the ones shown to get what you 
want.  I usually add the -v switch (for verbose) as I like to see what's 

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