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Dragon dragon at crimson-dragon.com
Tue Jan 29 18:36:06 CET 2008

Mikhail T. sent the message below at 09:17 1/29/2008:
>Whatever I code up will, naturally, need to be approved by the 
>project-maintainers. This is why securing their acceptance /in 
>principle/ is important before beginning the actual work. As long as 
>the official position remains: <<We do not do a "single instance 
>store" within the archiving system of   Mailman, and I can pretty 
>much guarantee you that we never will.>> demanding work from a 
>would-be contributor is facetious and insincere... If I get 
>something like: "Uhm, interesting, please send your patches", I'll 
>get to work...
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I think you are once again seeing this through the wrong perspective. 
Brad is saying that the current group of developers is not doing this 
because it is not perceived as a priority and there are a lot of 
other things that are. Yes, his wording was pretty discouraging but 
taken in context of all the people who ask for or even demand 
features and have no desire to contribute anything, I can understand 
why he phrased it the way he did.

Now this does not preclude anyone from making changes they desire on 
their own or from presenting them to the development team for 
possible inclusion in a future release. This is after all an open 
source project and you may use or modify it in any way you desire as 
long as you comply with the terms of the GPL. You can then contribute 
those changes back as you see fit or simply use them yourself. If a 
feature developed independently is deemed to have a sufficient 
desirability by the core team, it is very likely it will get 
incorporated at some point in an official release.

Nobody here has said that this is a worthless effort or that it will 
be automatically rejected. But you must also understand that this is 
a volunteer effort, nobody gets paid for it and you aren't paying 
anything to obtain or use the software to those volunteer developers.


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