[Mailman-Users] Efficient handling of cross-posting

Mikhail T. mi+mailman at aldan.algebra.com
Wed Jan 30 01:30:50 CET 2008

вівторок 29 січень 2008 05:24 по, Stephen J. Turnbull Ви написали:
> This is false.  "Open source" means you can do what you like, and
> Mailman actually will distribute it for you as a patch on the issue
> tracker.  Many contributions have lived full life cycles that way.

Thank you, sir, for the encouragement, but I don't want my hypothetical 
contribution to live this way. I've contributed plenty to various open- (and 
closed-) source projects over the years (no, really, I did) and found, that 
it hurts me the most, when something I develop is rejected not because of it 
being poorly implemented, but because the powers-that-be consider in 
wrong /in principle/.

My interest in Mailman is not sufficient to fork my own version either and I 
don't look forward to maintaining my patch(es), updating them to keep working 
with the evolving Mailman.

> Anything not over Barry Warsaw's signature is *un*official [...] Brad
> Knowles is just channelling the main developers

As you may realize, I have no idea of the Mailman project hierarchy. Brad's 
words sounded quite authoritative, and he was no contradicted in any 

> It should go without saying that it's very interesting; this is a FAQ [...]

Woo-hoo. That's encouraging. Well, if the only thing, that prevented the 
feature from appearing by now, is lack of development resources, then I'll 
get right on it. Thanks,


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