[Mailman-Users] Efficient handling of cross-posting

Brad Knowles brad at shub-internet.org
Wed Jan 30 01:56:31 CET 2008

I was speaking in terms of the practical reality of a 100% unpaid all- 
volunteer project, like Mailman. There are simply way too many other  
things going on that are much higher priority.

If you pay certain Mailman developers real money for such a feature,  
then it will get done. If you write such a feature yourself or get  
someone else to write it for you and contribute that back to the  
Mailman project, then there's at least a decent chance it may be  
considered for inclusion in a future release, although you should keep  
in mind that it takes a fair amount of time and effort to validate  
someone else's code, albeit somewhat less than writing it yourself.

I don't see any other possible options as far as the Mailman project  
is concerned.

Brad Knowles <brad at shub-Internet.org>

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On Jan 29, 2008, at 11:17 AM, "Mikhail T." <mi 
+mailman at aldan.algebra.com> wrote:

> צ×ÔÏÒÏË 29 Ó¦ÞÅÎØ 2008 12:05 ÐÏ, Steve Burling ÷É  
>> I love comments like this. šIf it "can't be too difficult...", I s 
>> uggest
>> you put on your Python programming hat, and get coding.
> Whatever I code up will, naturally, need to be approved by the
> project-maintainers. This is why securing their acceptance /in  
> principle/ is
> important before beginning the actual work.
> As long as the official position remains:
> <<We do not do a "single instance store" within the archiving system  
> of
>  Mailman, and I can pretty much guarantee you that we never will.>>
> demanding work from a would-be contributor is facetious and  
> insincere...
> If I get something like: "Uhm, interesting, please send your  
> patches", I'll
> get to work... Yours,
> -mi
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