[Mailman-Users] Efficient handling of cross-posting

Brad Knowles brad at shub-internet.org
Wed Jan 30 03:15:02 CET 2008

On 1/30/08, Stephen J. Turnbull wrote:

>  This is false.  "Open source" means you can do what you like, and
>  Mailman actually will distribute it for you as a patch on the issue
>  tracker.

Not quite.  If he uploads his code as a patch to the tracker, we will 
most likely leave it there, and at some point it may get considered 
for inclusion in a future version of Mailman.  Beyond that, we can't 
make much in the way of promises.

>  (*) Anything not over Barry Warsaw's signature is *un*official,
>  although Mark Sapiro and Tokio Kikuchi have a huge amount to say about
>  what actually gets implemented.  Brad Knowles is just channelling the
>  main developers,

I wouldn't say that I was channeling them.  I would say that I'm 
trying to do what I can to support them and to allow them to spend 
what little time they have on their "real" work, as far as the 
project is concerned.

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