[Mailman-Users] Efficient handling of cross-posting

Stephen J. Turnbull stephen at xemacs.org
Wed Jan 30 23:21:36 CET 2008

Mikael Hansen writes:

 > So I enjoy the roster concept which is outlined. Still, it seems odd  
 > to me that the list server software can adequately decide on the  
 > process of eliminating duplicates. To me, the roster concept implies  
 > that duplicates should not have been sent by list members in the first  
 > place.

As I pointed out elsewhere (on the mailman-developers list) this is
just reinventing Usenet as a push medium.  Barry has already asked
that this conversion go there; Reply-To set.

However, it is often the case that even when themes apparently nest
(as "guitarist" nests into "musicians"), some people are interested in
a collection of "broad" threads from "musicians", some people want a
collection of "narrow" threads from "guitarists", and there is often
an overlap where it's not obvious whether it is of narrow interest or
broad interest, eg a new technique for guitarists that might have been
known by cellists, or maybe trombonists -- you don't know -- since
antiquity.  Cross-posting can't be eliminated; you can only help users
to recognize and organize the duplication.

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