[Mailman-Users] How can I check status of or abort a mailing inprogress?

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Wed Jul 2 16:26:49 CEST 2008

John Hicks wrote:
>Heady from this success, I re-reconfigured the list to enable "full 
>personalization". My client posted his first message using this 
>configuration Sunday night and it is still being processed (Tuesday 
>night). The smtp log is filling with entries indicating either one or 
>three recipients were processed. [I understand the reason for the 
>singletons but not the triplets.] These entries occur in batches of a 
>hundred or so and then pause for an hour or two.
>I have no idea how far the system has gotten in processing the entire 
>list. Is there any way to find out? (The message already appears in the 
>archives but there is no entry in the Mailman "post" log.)
>My client wants me to cancel the post, but I can't find any indication 
>of how one would go about doing that. Nothing in the "documentation," 
>wiki, FAQ, and only one post on the subject on this list (but without an 
>answer to the question).

The only difference between personalize = Yes, and personalize = Full
is the contents of the To: header in the message. Normally, this would
have no effect whatsoever on the SMTP interaction between Mailman and
the MTA.

Also, with respect to logging, I don't understand the singletons or
triplets without more information. If there are no failures
(smtp-failure log), even with Full personalization, the SMTPDirect
handler writes one smtp log entry and the post log entry at the end
after everything is delivered to the MTA.

Brad posted how to cancel if you can - stop Mailman. Look at the
entries in the 'out' and 'retry' queues with bin/dumpdb or
bin/show_qfiles and remove the ones for this message. There will be at
most one in 'out'. I'm not sure about retry. For anything that left
Mailman , you have to look to the MTA.

What are the message-ids in the smtp log entries? What's in the
smtp-failure log.?

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