[Mailman-Users] Generating list archive from a mbox file

Nitin Bhadauria nitin.bhadauria at tetrain.com
Fri Jul 4 07:05:47 CEST 2008

Thanks Mark

I know we can find the mail in the digest folder but I lost mail of last
three month so i can't find them in the digest.

But if u can help me out to making a mbox file from the mails stored in my
mail client.

> Nitin Bhadauria wrote:
>>Please don't say that there is no way to get the archive back because i
>>have to get them any how, even if i need to create whole archive
>> manually.
>>But i don't want to wast that much of time. That why i am looking for an
>>other option.
> As Brad said, with list archiving turned off, Mailman doesn't
> permanently save the messages anywhere. Mailman doesn't have them,
> except for a possible few that might be in
> lists/<listname>/digest.mbox awaiting the next digest.
> So, first you need to get the messages to be archived. If you are
> really lucky, perhaps some list recipient has saved all the lost posts
> in a single mailbox/mail folder already.
> In any case, you need to get all the messages with as close as possible
> to the original headers and mime structure, and get them in a single
> *nix mbox format file.
> Then, check the From separators and the possible presence of unescaped
> From_ lines in message bodies with Mailman's bin/cleanarch. Then,
> after you're satisfied you have a good mbox containing all the missing
> messages, you can add them to the archive with
>   bin/arch listname /path/to/mbox
> You should also stop mailman and append the mbox to
> archives/private/listname.mbox/listname.mbox so if you ever need to
> use that file, it will be complete.
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