[Mailman-Users] Authorization required with FireFox 3

James Cort james.cort at u4eatech.com
Fri Jul 4 17:15:23 CEST 2008

I've found that I have the same problem with Firefox 3 and Mailman 
2.1.9rc1, viz. I can log in with setting the URL ?adminpw=<password> but 
the admin login interface always returns "Authorization failed".

Once logged in with ?adminpw=, everything works as it should.  I can 
mass-subscribe members, edit settings and logout as I'd want.

The login for the user list membership configuration page works just 
fine, as does visiting the subscriber list on lists with a protected 
subscriber list and viewing list archives.

I've used ethereal to capture the traffic between my PC and the list 
server.  The capture file is about 4kb; would there be a problem with me 
attaching it to a mail to this list?

The underlying platform is Gentoo Linux with Python 2.3.5.

James Cort

IT Manager
U4EA Technologies Ltd.

U4EA Technologies

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