[Mailman-Users] Using MailMan To Hide Addresses

Brad Knowles brad at shub-internet.org
Tue Jul 8 21:36:14 CEST 2008

Atkinson, Robert wrote:
> I have a unique problem where I need to use MailMan (or another application)
> to hide my users email addresses.
> Basically, I need to create a single address that a company ('Global
> Supplies') will email me on, e.g. 'community at mycompany.com'
> <mailto:'community at mycompany.com'> . When the email gets to me, I need to
> check and release it. It will then be distributed to all the users on the
> 'community at mycompany.com' list, BUT must still appear as if it came from the
> 'Global Supplies' email address, and not mine.
> I'd like to know if MailMan can do this, if you know of any companies that
> use MailMan where I can buy a managed service, or any other software/services
> where I can achieve the same goals.

That sounds like a standard moderated mailing list.  Unless you choose the 
functions to convert it into an anonymous list, the sender's address will 
always appear to be that of the original sender (i.e., the "From:" header is 
not modified), pretty much regardless of what else may be done to the message.

As a moderator, you would get an e-mail message telling you that there is 
something waiting in the moderator queue, you fire up a web browser to go 
look at the queue and take action on it, and any approved messages should 
then show up on the list.

Of course, in the default configuration the sender is going to get a notice 
that their message is being held for moderation, which is good in most 
circumstances, but maybe not what you want here.

 From the looks of it, I think you want to talk to some Python/Mailman 
service providers and get a more direct in-person discussion over what the 
software can and cannot do for you, what kinds of fees they charge for their 
services, etc....

I'd suggest starting with the links in the "Mailman Community" page at 
<http://wiki.list.org/display/COM/Home> and check out both hosting services 
and consulting services.

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