[Mailman-Users] Mailman not sending email to list users / Archives giving 403

Tom Ray [Lists] lists at blazestudios.com
Tue Jul 15 22:43:30 CEST 2008

I had a server crash and I needed to move two domains that are using 
mailman lists to a new server. I didn't think this was a big deal 
because they were moved from server that was taken out of production to 
the server that crashed without issue. Everything seems to be working 
just fine. They can manage their lists and add new ones but two things 
are happening now.

First, the archives are giving 403 errors when you try to view them. 
Apache logs a "client denied by server configuration:" error. Here are 
the current permissions:

drwxrws--x  26 root mailman 808 Jul  9 14:36 private
drwxrwsr-x   2 root mailman 288 Jul  9 14:36 public

All the subdirectories in private are set to "drwxrwsr-x" with the 
root:mailman user/group. All the html and txt files are set to 644. And 
in the .mbox dirs the .mbox file is set to 664.

I'm not sure why it's pulling a 403 error. Is there something I missed? 
I ran bin/check_perms -f everything once they were moved over and it 
fixed all the permissions and ownerships.

Second, none of the email is being sent to the list users. If a new user 
joins the list the welcome letter is sent. If a non-user tries to post 
to the list the moderators are emailed and the poster is emailed the 
"your post awaits approval" but the registered list users are not 
receiving emails.

This is what I see in the maillog: 2008-07-14 16:13:20 1KIUQB-00053s-5D 
=> test <test at listdomain.net> R=mailman_router T=mailman_transport

I'm using Exim 4.69 with Mailman 2.1.10

Exim Config:

    driver = accept
    require_files = 
    local_part_suffix = -bounces : -bounces+* : \
                        -confirm+* : -join : -leave : \
                        -owner : -request : -admin
    transport = mailman_transport

    driver = pipe
    command = /mail/${domain}/mailman/mail/mailman \
              '${if def:local_part_suffix \
                    {${sg{$local_part_suffix}{-(\\w+)(\\+.*)?}{\$1}}} \
                    {post}}' \
    current_directory = /mail/${domain}/mailman
    home_directory = /mail/${domain}/mailman
    user = MAILMAN_USER
    group = MAILMAN_GROUP


Can anyone give me any insight on this please?


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